Preparation Checklist for Boarding at Pet BnD Albuquerque

1. Meals

Prepare your pet's meals in prepackaged ziplock baggies for each day of their stay. If you prefer to use house food, there will be an additional charge of $2.50/day for each pet receiving house food.

2. Medications:

Pack any medications your pet needs in their original packaging. Provide detailed instructions, including dosage and administration times.

3. Treats and Chews:

Bring your pet's favorite treats and chews for rewards and positive reinforcement. Communicate any allergies or food restrictions your pet may have.                                                       

Items not to bring:

Food & Water Bowls - We provide food and water bowls for all pets.

Bedding - We provide bedding for each pet.

Toys - We provide engagement activity toys for each pet.